What Does Being Healthy Mean To You?

Being Healthy

Being healthy can be described in many ways. Some people will consider health as the absence of disease. Others may define it by how they feel. Are they strong enough to function well in their work? Do they have enough energy to do what they need to do? Do they have enough physical reserves left to do what they want to do?

My description of being healthy

My description of being healthy is a little less obvious, although the results will be similar. I know that our bodies are, under ideal conditions, capable of self-healing as they repair and replace themselves at the cellular level. It is now known that our whole body is constantly “under renovation,” and as a result of this inner work, we can actually replace our body every couple of years.

As we know, any renovation in our home will depend very much on the quality of materials being used to replace the old structures. If poor quality materials are being used in our “reno” (probably because they are cheaper), the value of our home may actually be lowered because the replacement material may end up being weaker than the older materials just removed. A successful renovation takes place when the replacement materials are an upgrade to the original. The end result will be a home of greater value, function and appearance.

The cells of our body function in a similar way. We supply the materials as we eat and drink, and those materials are put to work replacing the parts of our body that require their upgrades. The most important parts of our body reno is the question of what are the best materials we need to use in order to be sure we are adding to the quality of our cellular improvements.

The Health Battle Within

The truth is – we are in competitive battle between our cells and our taste buds. Taste buds are very adaptable, as they can get used to almost anything. As a result, what they learn to demand will probably be very enjoyable to us, and we will be happy to repeat the experience. It is very easy to make our food and drink choices based on our taste bud’s preferences.

Our cells are another matter. They formed their needs as the human body evolved millions of years ago. The fact that we exist now means they were very successful in meeting these needs over time, or we would not have survived as a species. Considering that almost everything we believe to be essential for health has only developed during the past 200 years or so – obviously there were some pretty remarkable factors that kept us alive and working hard before that time.

Regardless of what our modern day developments have produced in the production of food, our cells still need what they originally required. If their needs are not fully met, their capacity to function the way they are intended will suffer, and so will we!

Despite what the latest advertisements offer, or the latest menu choices tempt us, we can live a healthier and longer life if we pay less attention to what our taste buds want, and more attention to what our cells need. This is the foundational premise of this blog – to help people to make informed choices to enhance the quality and length of their lives.