Proteins and Weight Loss

Weight Loss

A very important part of one’s life is to ensure that they are in shape in terms of body fitness. For a lot of people, the thought of being overweight or obese is simply put a nightmarish experience. That is why people take to all sorts of diets and restrictions to keep in shape and stay at the appropriate weight levels, to their liking. Doctors and dieticians from around the world are in favor of convincing people who look to weight loss as an exercise to take up protein-based diets. The problem is that people are rather unaware of the beneficial quotient of some every day eatables that can help one lose weight. Covering the matter of proteins and weight loss, the following are some wonderful items to help one stay in shape.

Whole Egg: It is a common misconception that eggs are filled with fats and hence cannot help in weight loss. In fact, consumption of whole eggs facilitates secretion of glucagons, which raise blood sugar and thus metabolism in some cases.

Whey Concentrate: A high value of cysteine in whey concentrate allows the increase in glutathione production, which in turn aids and abets the body’s resistance oxidative stress in the human body. Oxidative stress promotes weight gain by affecting sugar metabolism negatively. Hence whey concentrate is a useful supplement for those who are exercising to get in shape.

Turkey: while this may sound outlandish but Turkey is excellent provider of proteins that inhibit weight gain. It helps the body release a substance known as tryptophan, which in turn allows the human sleep cycle to regulate itself and function normally. The idea is that a proper sleep cycle can only go on to facilitating weight regulation and it can allow the fitness enthusiast to lose weight healthily when trying physical methods for the same.

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