Sugar Trap!


A heaped teaspoon of sugar contains about 30 calories, so a person who drinks six cups of tea or coffee a day, each with one teaspoon of sugar, is consuming 180 calories. Soft drinks such as seven-up, tango or coca cola contain the equivalent of at least four teaspoons of sugar each. A ripe apple contains only about 12 percent of sugar, an orange 9 percent and a banana 16 percent much less in percent terms than a biscuit, cake or many other prepared foods. The sugar in fruit is encased in the fibrous structure of the flesh and is released slowly furthermore, sugar in fruit is mostly of a type called fructose, which is converted more slowly by the body into energy.

Eat Fruits ..

Therefore fruit is a good way of satisfying a taste for sweet things. If you cut out six teaspoons of sugar a day you can eat two medium apples and a banana without consuming extra calories and of course the fruit will be much more filling and nutritious.
Understanding where the sugar in our diet comes from is an important part of diet plans. It is valuable to increase your knowledge of the quantities of sugar which are added to prepared foods, so that you can reduce your intake of nutritionally empty calories.

Some people who have great determination find they are able to give up something easily once they have decided to do so. If you come into that category all you have to do is to give up sugar in all drinks, and choose carbonated mineral water or tap water, instead of soft drinks and squashes. For those who do find it more difficult should take low calorie soft drinks or squashes. This means that you will get an immediate reduction in calorie intake without having to change your taste for sweet things. At the same time set yourself a target of two or three weeks in which to give up sweeteners altogether, and week by week reduce the amount you take in drinks. Check out the labels on all the foods before buying ingredients are generally listed on packed foods, if sugar is the first, second or third ingredient, the product must be very sweet and should be avoided. Jams, ketchup, chutneys or pickles, though sweet, are used in relatively small quantities combined with other foods, so their sugar content should not necessarily stop you from using them, just be careful about the quantity.
Stop buying biscuits, sweets and chocolates and stock up on fruit and vegetables instead. Eat fresh fruit instead of gateau or cheesecake. Bake teabreads and fruit loaves, which generally contain much less than cakes.

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